Installing Fedora 23 on 4th gen (2016) X1 Carbon

Posted by Jared Harper on Apr 29 2016
Tags linux fedora x1-carbon

(Last updated Apr 29 2016)

If you attempt to install Fedora 23 (any spin) on the 2016 X1 Carbon you’ll receive a black screen just after kernel selection. This is caused by a kernel bug. You will need to add intel_pstate=no_hwp to the kernel boot arguments, which you are able to do from the kernel selection screen. After installation you must do this again to boot into the installed OS. Once booted, I recommend adding intel_pstate=no_hwp to your /etc/default/grub and running sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg, which will then cause any kernel to have this parameter added to it.

Once Fedora ships with the upcoming 4.6 kernel (and perhaps a patch to the 4.4 kernel, but that remains to be seen), you should be able to remove this argument.

Update Apr 21: The 4.4.7 kernel was released but still has these issues. It appears that the fix will be shipped in the 4.4.8 kernel:

Update Apr 29: The updated 4.4.8 kernel no longer requires intel_pstate=no_hwp!

At this point you have a semi-working Fedora 23 installation. However, you have no wifi as the proper driver is not available in the stock Fedora 23 kernel; You must update Fedora first. But without wifi and without an ethernet dongle how is this done? Fortunately for me, I was able to tether my bluetooth connection on my Nexus 5 to share internet with the X1 as the bluetooth driver seems to work just fine. (I was unable to perform USB tethering, however). Once paired, you must disconnect the device via bluetooth before attempting to connect to it as a network. Otherwise it will repeatedly fail by timing out. After connecting to the internet, run sudo dnf update --refresh to update Fedora. If you’re tethered over Bluetooth this may take a while because it’s very slow. Restart once the update is complete and your wifi will now work.

At this point I have only used the laptop a small bit but everything seems to work. I will update this page as I see it.

Theoretically, Fedora 24 should install just fine without these issues. We will see.

Known issues

  • HWP must be disabled
  • Connecting external display using mini-displayport causes kernel panic


Laptop specifications

  • Intel Core i7-6600U
  • 16GB LPDDR3 SDRAM 1866 MB
  • 512GB SSD PCIe-NVMe
  • Display: X1C4 WQHD IPS (2560x1440)
  • WiFi adapter: Intel 8260AC+BT 2x2 vPro